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Other Commands

Click to expand/collapseSupport Center

A link to the Altova Support Center on the Internet. The Support Center provides FAQs, discussion forums where problems are discussed, and access to Altova's technical support staff.


Click to expand/collapseFAQ on the Web

A link to Altova's FAQ database on the Internet. The FAQ database is constantly updated as Altova support staff encounter new issues raised by customers.


Click to expand/collapseDownload Components and Free Tools

A link to Altova's Component Download Center on the Internet. From here you can download a variety of companion software to use with Altova products. Such software ranges from XSLT and XSL-FO processors to Application Server Platforms. The software available at the Component Download Center is typically free of charge.


Click to expand/collapseStyleVision on the Internet

A link to the Altova website on the Internet. You can learn more about StyleVision and related technologies and products at the Altova website.


Click to expand/collapseAbout StyleVision

Displays the splash window and version number of your product. If you are using the 64-bit version of StyleVision, this is indicated with the suffix (x64) after the application name. There is no suffix for the 32-bit version.


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