Altova StyleVision 2024 Enterprise Edition

One configuration of a global resource can be active at any time. This configuration is called the active configuration, and it is active application-wide. This means that the active configuration is active for all global resources aliases in all currently open files and data source connections. If an alias does not have a configuration with the name of the active configuration, then the default configuration of that alias will be used. As an example of how to change configurations, consider the case in which a file has been assigned via a global resource with multiple configurations. Each configuration maps to a different file. So, which file is selected depends on which configuration is selected as the application's active configuration.


Switching the active configuration can be done in the following  ways:


Via the menu command Tools | Active Configuration. Select the configuration from the command's submenu.

In the combo box of the Global Resources toolbar (screenshot below), select the required configuration.


In this way, by changing the active configuration, you can change source files that are assigned via a global resource.


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