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Command Line Interface (CLI)

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To call Schema Manager at the command line, you need to know the path of the executable. By default, the Schema Manager executable is installed here:




Note:On Linux and macOS systems, once you have changed the directory to that containing the executable, you can call the executable with sudo ./xmlschemamanager. The prefix ./ indicates that the executable is in the current directory. The prefix sudo indicates that the command must be run with root privileges.


Command line syntax

The general syntax for using the command line is as follows:


<exec> -h | --help | --version | <command> [options] [arguments]


In the listing above, the vertical bar | separates a set of mutually exclusive items. The square brackets [] indicate optional items. Essentially, you can type the executable path followed by either --h, --help, or --version options, or by a command. Each command may have options and arguments. The list of commands is described in the following sections.


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