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Keystrokes in Authentic View

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The Enter key

In Authentic View the Enter key is used to append additional elements when it is in certain cursor locations. For example, if the chapter of a book may (according to the schema) contain several paragraphs, then pressing Enter inside the text of the paragraph causes a new paragraph to be appended immediately after the current paragraph. If a chapter can contain one title and several paragraphs, pressing Enter inside the chapter but outside any paragraph element (including within the title element) causes a new chapter to be appended after the current chapter (assuming that multiple chapters are allowed by the schema).


Note:The Enter key does not insert a new line. This is the case even when the cursor is inside a text node, such as paragraph.


Using the keyboard

The keyboard can be used in the standard way, for typing and navigating. Note the following special points:


The Tab key moves the cursor forward, stopping before and after nodes, and highlighting node contents; it steps over static content.

The add... and add Node hyperlinks are considered node contents and are highlighted when tabbed. They can be activated by pressing either the spacebar or the Enter key.


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