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Find, Find Next, Replace

The Find (Ctrl+F) command ic_findallows you to find words or fragments of words in the Design View, JavaScript Editor, Authentic View, and XSLT-for-HTML, XSLT-for-RTF, XSLT-for-FO, and XSLT-for-Word 2007+ stylesheets.


Design View, HTML Preview,  and Authentic View

Clicking the Find command in Design View, HTML Preview,  or Authentic View pops up the following dialog:




Note the following:


In Design View, the static data is searched, but not node names.
In Authentic View, the dynamic data (XML data) is searched, not text from the static (XSLT) input.
To match the entry with whole words, check "Match whole word only". For example, an entry of soft will find only the whole word soft; it will not find, for example, the soft in software.
To match the entry with fragments of words, leave the "Match whole word only" check box unchecked. Doing this would enable you, for example, to enter soft and software.
To make the search case-insensitive, leave the "Match case" checkbox unchecked. This would enable you to find, say, Soft with an entry of soft.


XSLT-for-HTML, XSLT-for-RTF, XSLT-for-FO, XSLT-for-Word 2007+, and JavaScript Editor

Clicking the Find command in the XSLT-for-HTML, XSLT-for-RTF, XSLT-for-PDF, XSLT-for-Word 2007+, or JavaScript Editor tab pops up the following dialog:




The following points should be noted:


To enter a regular expression as the search term, check the Regular expression check box. You can create a regular expression with the help of a menu that pops out when you click the right-pointing arrowhead near the search term entry field.




To set restrictions on what part of the document to search, click the Advanced button. This makes more search options available (screenshot below):




Select the types of document content you wish to search by checking the appropriate check box.


Find Next command

The Find Next (F3) command ic_find_next repeats the last Find command to search for the next occurrence of the requested text. See Find for a description of how to use the search function.


Replace (Ctrl+H)

The Replace command is enabled in Design View, JavaScript Editor, and Authentic View (not supported in Basic edition) and enables you to search for a text string and replace it with another text string.




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