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Keeps and Breaks

In PDF documents (Enterprise edition only), keeps and breaks for pages and columns can be set in the XSL-FO group of styles (Styles sidebar, screenshot below). This group of styles enables you to specify whether the current design document block (the block within which the cursor is currently placed) should have a page/column break placed before or after it, or whether it should be kept with adjacent blocks. Whether table headers and footers are omitted (or repeated) at page breaks can also be set using the table-omit properties. For more information about these properties, see the XSL-FO specification.




For the printed version of HTML pages, settings for page breaks and widows/orphans (leading/trailing lines on a page) can be made via the relevant properties in the Paged Media group of styles (see screenshot above).



Page Layout Properties, for information on defining page properties.
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