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Inserting MS Word Content

If Microsoft Word 2007+ is installed on your machine, then content can be pasted from Word documents into the design as static content. The Word content will be inserted within suitably corresponding design components, and text formatting properties will be carried over from the Word content. For example, text content that is in a Word paragraph block will be inserted within a Paragraph component, and the formatting of the text will be preserved (see screenshots below).


Word content.


Word content pasted into a design. A suitable paragraph format has been applied and text formatting has been preserved.

Note:In addition to Word content, any content that can be pasted into a Word document can also be pasted into a StyleVision design. This includes MS Excel tables and HTML page content.


Note:To create an SPS that contains static content from an entire Word document, create a new SPS with the File | New | New from Word 2007+ command.


Supported Word features

The following Word structures and formats are supported when Word content is copy-pasted into a design:


Formatted text
oDifferent fonts, size, weights, style, text-decoration, etc.
oBackground color
oBorder around text
Page breaks
Horizontal line
oRowspans, colspans
oFormatted/rich content
oNested tables
oHeaders, footers
Lists, sublists
oBulletted: different styles
oEnumerated: different styles


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