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Parameters and Variables

Parameters and variables can be declared and referenced in the SPS. The difference between the two is that while a variable's value is defined  when it is declared, a parameter can have a value passed to it (at run-time via the command line) that overrides the optional default value assigned when the parameter was declared.


In this section, we describe the functionality available for parameters and variables:


User-Declared Parameters explains how user-defined parameters can be used in an SPS.
Parameters for Design Fragments describes how parameters can be used with design fragments.
SPS Parameters for Sources are a special type of parameter. They are automatically defined by StyleVision for schema sources (specifically, the Working XML Files of schemas). Since the name and value of such a parameter are known to the user, the parameter can be referenced within the SPS and a value passed to it at run-time from the command line.
Variables enable you to: (i) declare a variable with a certain scope and define its value, and (ii) to reference the value of declared variables and create a template on a node or nodes selected by the variable.
Editable Variables in Authentic allow the Authentic View user to edit variables and consequently to control the display of content in Authentic View.




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