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Method: AuthenticView as AuthenticView (read-only)



Returns an object that gives access to properties and methods specific to Authentic view. The object returned is only valid if the current document is opened in Authentic view mode. The lifetime of an object ends with the next view switch. Any attempt to access objects or any of its children afterwards will result in an error indicating that the object is invalid.




The object is no longer valid.


Document needs to be open in authentic view mode.



' ---------------------------------------

' XMLSpy scripting environment - VBScript

' secure access to authentic view object

' ---------------------------------------

Dim objDocument

Set objDocument = Application.ActiveDocument

If (Not objDocument Is Nothing) Then

 ' we have an active document, now check for view mode

 If (objDocument.CurrentViewMode <> spyViewAuthentic) Then

         If (Not objDocument.SwitchViewMode (spyViewAuthentic)) Then

                 MsgBox "Active document does not support authentic view mode"


                 ' now it is safe to access the authentic view object

                 Dim objAuthenticView

                 Set objAuthenticView = objDocument.AuthenticView

                 ' now use the authentic view object


         End If

 End If


 MsgBox "No document is open"

End If

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