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Authentic Desktop's spellchecker with built-in language dictionaries (see note below) is enabled in Authentic View.


Note:The built-in dictionaries that ship with Altova software do not indicate any language preferences by Altova. The selection of dictionaries is based on the availability of dictionaries that permit redistribution with commercial software, such as the MPLLGPL, or BSD licenses. Many other open-source dictionaries exist, but are distributed under more restrictive licenses, such as the GPL license. Many of these dictionaries are available as part of a separate installer located at You should choose the dictionaries you want to use on the basis of their license and their usefulness to you.


This section describes how to use the spellchecker. It is organized into the following sub-sections:


Select the spellchecker language  

Run the spelling check


Select the spellchecker language

The spellchecker language can be set as follows:


1.Click the Tools | Spelling Options menu command.

2.In the Spelling Options dialog that appears (screenshot below), select one of the installed dictionaries from the dropdown list of the Dictionary Language combo box.


3.Click OK to finish.


The dictionary language you selected will be used by the spellchecker for spelling checks. If the language you want is not already installed, you can download additional language dictionaries. How to do this is described in the section, Adding dictionaries for the spellchecker.


Run the spellchecker

The Tools | Spelling (Shift+F7) command automatically starts checking the currently active XML document. If an unknown word is encountered, the Spelling: Not in Dictionary dialog pops up (screenshot below). Otherwise the spelling check runs through to completion.


The various parts of the Spelling: Not in Dictionary dialog and the available options are described below:


Not in Dictionary

This text box contains the word that cannot be found in either the selected language dictionary or user dictionary. The following options are available:


You can edit the word in the text box manually or select a suggestion from the Suggestions pane. Then click Change to replace the word in the XML document with the edited word. (Double-clicking a suggestion inserts it directly in the XML document.) When a word is shown in the Not in Dictionary text box, it is also highlighted in the XML document, so you can edit the word directly in the document if you like. Clicking Change All will replace all occurrences of the word in the XML document with the edited word.

You can choose to not make any change and to ignore the spellchecker warningeither just for the current occurrence of the word or for every occurrence of it.

You can add the word to the user dictionary and so allow the word to be considered correct for all checks from the current check onwards.



This list box displays words resembling the unknown word (supplied from the language and user dictionaries). Double-clicking a word in this list automatically inserts it in the document and continues the spellchecking process.


Ignore once

This command allows you to continue checking the document while ignoring the first occurrence of the unknown word. The same word will be flagged again if it appears in the document.


Ignore all

This command ignores all instances of the unknown word in the whole document.


Add to dictionary

This command adds the unknown word to the user dictionary. You can access the user dictionary (in order to edit it) via the Spelling Options dialog.



This command replaces the currently highlighted word in the XML document with the (edited) word in the Not in Dictionary text box.


Change all

This command replaces all occurrences of the currently highlighted word in the XML document with the (edited) word in the Not in Dictionary text box.


Recheck Document

The Recheck Document button restarts the check from the beginning of the document.



Clicking the Options button opens the Spelling Options dialog box.



This command closes the Spelling dialog box.


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