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The code snippet below (from the AutomateAuthenticDesktop example) shows how to handle errors and COM output parameters. The method AuthenticDesktop.ActiveDocument.IsValid(ref strErrorText, ref nErrorNumber, ref errorData) uses output parameters that are used, in the code snippet below, to generate an error-message text.


The AutomateAuthenticDesktop example (see the file Form1.cs) is located in the C# subfolder of the API Examples folder:



Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11



You can compile and run the project from within Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017/2019/2022.


Code snippet


       // Handler for the "Validate" button

       private void validate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


           // COM errors get returned to C# as exceptions. Use a try/catch block to handle them.



               // Method 'IsValid' is one of the few functions that use output parameters.

               // Use 'object' type for these parameters.

               object strErrorText = "";

               object nErrorNumber = 0;

               object errorData = null;


               if (!AuthenticDesktop.ActiveDocument.IsValid(ref strErrorText, ref nErrorNumber, ref errorData))


                   // The COM call succeeds but the document is not valid.

                   // A detailed description of the problem is returned in strErrorText, nErrorNumber and errorData.

                   listBoxMessages.Items.Add("Document " + AuthenticDesktop.ActiveDocument.Name + " is not valid.");

                   listBoxMessages.Items.Add("\tErrorText  : " + strErrorText);

                   listBoxMessages.Items.Add("\tErrorNumber: " + nErrorNumber);

                   listBoxMessages.Items.Add("\tElement    : " + (errorData != null ? ((XMLSpyLib.XMLData)errorData).TextValue : "null"));




                   // The COM call succeeds and the document is valid.

                   listBoxMessages.Items.Add("Document " + AuthenticDesktop.ActiveDocument.Name + " is valid.");



           catch (Exception ex)


               // The COM call was not successful.

               // Probably no application instance has been started or no document is open.

               listBoxMessages.Items.Add("Error validating active document: " + ex.Message);




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