Altova Authentic 2024 Desktop

Certain Authentic Desktop actions can be carried out from the command line. These commands are listed below:


Open a file

authentic.exe file.xml


Opens the file, file.xml, in Authentic Desktop


Open multiple files

authentic.exe file1.xml file2.xml


Opens the files, file1.xml and file2.xml, in Authentic Desktop


Assign an SPS file to an XML file for Authentic View editing

authentic.exe myxml.xml /sps mysps.sps


Opens the file, myxml.xml in Authentic View with mysps.sps as its SPS file. The /sps flag specifies that the SPS file that follows is to be used with the XML file that precedes the /sps flag (for Authentic View editing).


Open a new XML template file via an SPS file

authentic.exe mysps.sps


Opens a new XML file in Authentic View. The display will be based on the SPS and the new XML file will have a skeletal structure based on the SPS schema. The name of the newly created XML file must be assigned when saving the XML file.


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