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Creates a new .NET object instance of the type name supplied as argument. If more than one argument is passed, the successive arguments are interpreted as the arguments for the constructor of the .NET object. The return value is a reference to the created .NET object



CLR.Create(strTypeNameCLR : String, constructor arguments ... ) -> object



The following JScript code illustrates how to create instances of various .NET classes.


// Create an ArrayList
var objArray = CLR.Create("System.Collections.ArrayList");
// Create a ListViewItem
var newItem = CLR.Create( "System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem", "NewItemText" );
// Create a List<string>
var coll = CLR.Create( "System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>" );
// Import required namespaces and create a Dictionary object
CLR.Import( "System" );
CLR.Import( "System.Collections.Generic" );
var dictionary = CLR.Create( "Dictionary< String, Dictionary< String, String > >" );

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