Altova Authentic 2024 Desktop

The Customize command lets you customize application menus and toolbars to suit your personal needs. Clicking the command pops up the Customize dialog, which has the following tabs:


Commands: All application and macro commands can be dragged from this tab into menu bars, menus and toolbars.

Toolbars: Toolbars can be activated, deactivated, and reset individually.

Tools: Commands that open external programs from within the interface can be added to the interface.

Keyboard: Keyboard shortcuts can be created for individual application and macro commands.

Menu: Menu bars and context menus to be customized are selected and made active in this tab. Works together with the Commands tab.

Macros: Macros can have new commands associated with them.

Plug-ins: Plug-ins can be activated and integrated in the interface.

Options: Display options for toolbars are set in this tab.


This section also describes the context menu that appears when the Customize dialog is open and menu bar, menu, or tool bar items are right-clicked.


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