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The Send by Mail command lets you send the active XML or PXF document as an e-mail attachment. You can also select multiple files in the Project window to send as Email attachments.Depending on what kind it is, a document or selection can be sent as an attachment, content, or as a link. See the table below for details.


What can be sent

How it can be sent

Active XML or PXF document

As e-mail attachment

One or more files in Project window

As e-mail attachment

One or more URLs in Project window

As e-mail attachment or link



When the Send by Mail command is invoked on a selection in the active XML document, the Send by Mail dialog (screenshot below) pops up with the Whole File being the only option that is enabled; the other options are disabled. Click OK to open an email with the selected file as an attachment.


When you send files from the Project window, an email is opened with the selected files added as attachments.

URLs in the project window can be sent as an attachment or as a link. Choose the option you want and click OK.


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