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Altova Authentic 2021 Desktop

Renamed from DocEditDataTransfer to AuthenticDataTransfer


The DocEditView object is renamed to OldAuthenticView.

DocEditSelection is renamed to AuthenticSelection.

DocEditEvent is renamed to AuthenticEvent.

DocEditDataTransfer is renamed to AuthenticDataTransfer.


Their usage—except for AuthenticDataTransfer—is no longer recommended. We will continue to support existing functionality for a yet undefined period of time but no new features will be added to these interfaces.


For examples on migrating from DocEdit to Authentic see the description of the different methods and properties of the different DocEdit objects.














The events OnDragOver and OnBeforeDrop provide information about the object being dragged with an instance of type AuthenticDataTransfer. It contains a description of the dragged object and its content. The latter is available either as string or a pointer to a COM object supporting the IUnkown interface.

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