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The Browser menu commands are enabled in Browser View only.



Back, Forward

The Back command (shortcut: Alt + Left arrow) displays the previously viewed page. The Backspace key achieves the same effect. The command is useful if you click a link in your XML document and then want to return to your XML document.


The Forward command (shortcut: Alt + Right arrow) moves you forward through previously viewed pages in Browser View.



The Refresh (F5) command is enabled in Browser View and updates Browser View by reloading the current document and documents related to the current document (such as CSS and XSL stylesheets, and DTDs).


Separate Window

The Separate Window command is enabled in Browser View and undocks Browser View from the application window. As a separate window, Browser View can be displayed side-by-side with an editing view of the document.


To refresh the separated Browser View after making a change in an editing view, press F5 in the editing view. To dock a separate Browser View window back into the application window, make the Browser View window active and click the Separate Window command.


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