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Altova Authentic 2020 Desktop

Authentic Desktop in Visual Studio

Installing the Authentic Desktop Plugin for Visual Studio

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To install the Authentic Desktop Plugin for Visual Studio, you need to do the following:


1.Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015/2017/2019.

2.Install Authentic Desktop (Enterprise or Professional Edition).

3.Download and run the Authentic Desktop integration package for Microsoft Visual Studio. This package is available on the Authentic Desktop (Enterprise and Professional Editions) download page at (Please note: You must use the integration package corresponding to your Authentic Desktop version (current version is 2020).)

Once the integration package has been installed, you will be able to use Authentic Desktop in the Visual Studio environment.


How to enable the plug-in

If the plug-in was not automatically enabled during the installation process, do the following:


1.Navigate to the directory where the Visual Studio IDE executable was installed, for example in C:\Program Files\MS Visual Studio\Common7\IDE
2.Enter the following command on the command-line devenv.exe /setup.
3.Wait for the process to terminate normally before starting to use the application within Visual Studio.


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