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Save All




The Save command (Ctrl+S) saves the contents of the active document to the file from which it has been opened. When saving a document, the file is automatically checked for well-formedness. The file will also be validated automatically if this option has been set in the File section of the Options dialog (Tools | Options). The XML declaration is also checked for the encoding specification, and this encoding is applied to the document when the file is saved.


Save As

The Save As command pops up the familiar Windows Save As dialog box, in which you enter the name and location of the file you wish to save the active file as. The same checks and validations occur as for the Save command.


Save All

The Save All command saves all modifications that have been made to any open documents. The command is useful if you edit multiple documents simultaneously. If a document has not been saved before (for example, after being newly created), the Save As dialog box is presented for that document.




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