Altova Authentic 2023 Desktop

The code snippet below (from the AutomateAuthenticDesktop example) lists the code for two event handlers. The AutomateAuthenticDesktop example (see the file Form1.cs) is located in the C# subfolder of the API Examples folder:



Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11



You can compile and run the project from within Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017/2019/2022.


Code snippet


       delegate void addListBoxItem_delegate(string sText);

       // Called from the UI thread

       private void addListBoxItem(string sText)




       // Wrapper method to call UI control methods from a worker thread

       void syncWithUIthread(Control ctrl, addListBoxItem_delegate methodToInvoke, String sText)


           // Control.Invoke: Executes on the UI thread, but calling thread waits for completion before continuing.

           // Control.BeginInvoke: Executes on the UI thread, and calling thread doesn't wait for completion.

           if (ctrl.InvokeRequired)

               ctrl.BeginInvoke(methodToInvoke, new Object[] { sText });



  // Event handler for OnDocumentOpened event

       private void handleOnDocumentOpened(XMLSpyLib.Document i_ipDocument)


           String sText = "";


           if (i_ipDocument.Name.Length > 0)

               sText = "Document " + i_ipDocument.Name + " was opened!";


               sText = "An empty document was created.";


           // Synchronize the calling thread with the UI thread because

           // COM events are triggered from a working thread

           addListBoxItem_delegate methodToInvoke = new addListBoxItem_delegate(addListBoxItem);

           // Call syncWithUIthread with the following arguments:

           // 1 - listBoxMessages - list box control to display messages from COM events

           // 2 - methodToInvoke  - a C# delegate which points to the method which will be called from the UI thread

           // 3 - sText           - the text to be displayed in the list box

           syncWithUIthread(listBoxMessages, methodToInvoke, sText);




       private void checkBoxEventOnOff_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


           if (AuthenticDesktop != null)


               if (checkBoxEventOnOff.Checked)

                   AuthenticDesktop.OnDocumentOpened += new XMLSpyLib._IApplicationEvents_OnDocumentOpenedEventHandler(handleOnDocumentOpened);


                   AuthenticDesktop.OnDocumentOpened -= new XMLSpyLib._IApplicationEvents_OnDocumentOpenedEventHandler(handleOnDocumentOpened);




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