Altova GDPR Compliance Database

Send Access Information to System Users

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After the Compliance Database has been deployed to the server and configured, the URL of the Compliance Database on the server can be sent to users of the system, ideally as a link. When a user opens the resource that is stored at the URL location, the user login page of the Compliance Database is displayed, Users can now log in (with login name and password), and use the system.


The URL of the deployed Compliance Database is displayed in the Run in Browser column of the Workflows tab (see screenshot below). This is the URL that accesses the Compliance Database, and opens the login page of the system.


After users in the organization have received (i) the URL of the Compliance Database and (ii) their respective access credentials, multiple users can independently access the system and update the compliance metadata.


For information about how the Compliance Database works and how to use it, see the following sections of this documentation.


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