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A discussion can be started about an individual metadata item, for example, about a specific data category or a specific processing activity. When starting a discussion, the initiator of the discussion can select discussion members from among the compliance database users. These users will be notified about the creation of the discussion thread and about any modifications to the thread.


A discussion is accessed via the Discussions link located at the top left of the page; (note that the link is not available on all pages). Clicking the Discussions link results in one of two displays, depending on the type of page:


If the page displays the definition of a single metadata item, then all discussion threads related to that metadata item (for example, a specific processing activity) are displayed. For example: On the page that defines a specific processing activity, clicking the Discussions link opens a frame that displays discussions related to that processing activity. See Discussions about a Single Metadata Item for additional information.

If the page displays a group of metadata items (for example, the Processing Activities page, which lists all processing activities), then clicking the Discussions link displays discussion threads related to all processing activities.


Note:New discussions can be started only from the definition pages of single metadata items. For example: from a page that defines a specific processing activity. See the section Start a Discussion for more information.


Note:A discussion will be displayed to a user only if that user is a participant (initiator or member) in that discussion.


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