Altova GDPR Compliance Database

The Changes page lists changes that were made to the metadata held in the system (see screenshot below). It is accessed by clicking the Changes link at the top left of any page of the compliance database. The type of the changed metadata item that is listed depends on the page on which the Changes link is clicked. For example: if the Changes link is clicked on the Overview page, then changes to all types of metadata item are shown (as in the screenshot below); but if the Changes link is clicked on the Data Categories page, then only changes to data category items are listed.


The screenshot above shows the following:


Changes made to all types of metadata item. (Access was via the Overview page.)

Changes made on 25.02.2019. The date can be:

onavigated by using the navigation arrows (double arrowheads navigate through days on which changes exist, single arrowheads navigate through each day even if no change exists on that day);

oselected via the icon in the central date field;

omade the current date by clicking the icon at extreme left.

Descriptions of changed metadata items, listed down to the fourth level of detail. The current level of detail is shown at the top right of the page. Click the arrowheads at top right to change the level of detail (Level 1 through Level 4). Descriptions at Level 4 show the status of approval requests. The screenshot below shows the same page at the first level of detail. The level of detail is useful for switching between an overview of changes and a detailed view of changes.


The two screenshots above show that changes have been made to the data category Customer Address and to the processing activity Employee Salaries.

The listing of each metadata item is a link that takes you directly to the definition of that item. For example, clicking on the Category Customer Address link in the screenshot above takes you to the definition of the Customer Address data category.

If a discussion thread is available for a particular metadata item, then a Discussions link to the discussion threads of that item is displayed at the top right of the item's entry (see screenshots above).


To exit the Changes page you are on, click Back.


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