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Authorize an Approval

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A person who is authorized to approve a data-category modification can do this as follows:


1.Navigate to the Open Approval Requests page via the Overview page (screenshot below).


2.Click the Edit icon of an approval request. The approval request will be displayed (screenshot below).


3.The Name line contains the following information: <Name of Data Category> / <Data Classification>: <Classification Value>. Make notes related to the approval in the Approval Notes section. If you wish to start a discussion thread about this approval request, click Discussions. See the topic Discussions for more information.

4.Click Approve to authorize the approval. The approval request will be moved from the Open Approval Requests page to the Completed Approvals page (see screenshot below). (The Completed Approvals page is accessed from the Overview page.)


Clicking the Edit button of a completed approval (see screenshot above), opens a page displaying details of that approval request.


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