Altova GDPR Compliance Database

The relationships between metadata on different pages of the compliance database are shown in the diagram below.


These relationships are built up as follows:


Metadata is entered in the respective pages. For example: the departments of a company, the roles of a department, and the persons of a company.

When certain kinds of metadata are being defined, other metadata that is relevant for the definition and that has already been entered is available for selection in the definition's parameters. For example, when a person is being defined, the departments that have already been entered will be available for selection. The person is thus defined to belong to the selected department: a relationship is built automatically. This relationship, where one type of metadata is available for selection in another, is shown with red arrows in the diagram above.

Once the network of relationships has been built, one type of metadata is displayed reflexively in other types of metadata. This type of relationship is shown with blue arrows in the diagram above. For example, once a person has been selected as the responsible person of a processing activity, then that processing activity is automatically displayed in the definition of that person.


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