Altova GDPR Compliance Database


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The following types of reports, in PDF and MS Word formats, can be generated from the metadata information held in the compliance database:


Processing Activities

Critical Processing Activities

Category Approvals


All reports are generated from the Reports page (screenshot below), which is accessed from the Overview page (by clicking the Reports button).


Click the appropriate Configure button to go to the page for the respective report type and start the steps to generate the report.


System requirements for report generation

In order for PDF reports to be generated, the system administrator must ensure that the following applications/components have been installed on the server machine:


Altova StyleVision Server

Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later


Note:The server machine is the machine on which Altova MobileTogether Server has been installed. The Compliance Database is deployed to MobileTogether Server.


Note:For details, see the section Software Requirements of the Standard Installation Guide.


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