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Define Data Properties and Relationships

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This section describes how to define and manage the following:


Data Categories, which are created to describe a type of data, with each data category being composed by assigning values to data classifications.

Data Storage Entities, which are created to relate data categories to physical storage entities.

Processing Activities, which define various aspects of a processing activity: (i) the responsible persons, (ii) department roles that have access rights to the processing activity, (iii) data categories that are processed and in what way they are respectively used, (iv) external processors, if any, that use the processing activity.


Accessing the management pages

To access the management page of Data Categories, Data Storage Entities or Processing Activities, go to the Overview page and click the respective Manage button (see screenshot below).

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In this section, we will show to define data categories, data storage entities, and processing activities about our example company, Nanonull GmbH. In our example, we have defined the following:


Nine data categories that describe data categories related to customer orders and employee salaries.

Two data storage entities that hold the data that is used to process customer orders and employee salaries, respectively.

Three processing activites, which process, respectively, customer orders, employee salaries, and mailers to customers.


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