Altova GDPR Compliance Database

General Information about the Compliance Database

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This section provides an overview and outline of how the Altova GDPR Compliance Database works. It is organized into the following sections


Terminology: Lists key terms used in discussing GDPR, especially as these terms are used in the context of the Altova GDPR Compliance Database.

How the GDPR Compliance Database Works: Provides a broad outline of how the compliance database is to be used.

Overview Page: Explains how to navigate with reference to the Overview page, which is the central page from which all other pages may be reached.

Navigational Links: Provides a diagrammatic description of the navigational links between pages.

Metadata Relationships: Provides a diagrammatic description of the relationships between the metadata on different pages.

Login and Logout: How to log in and out of the compliance database


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