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The Approvals process enables users of the compliance database to modify a data category and to then submit the modification/s for approval by an authorized person. The process consists of three steps:


1.A user modifies a data category by changing the value/s of a data classification of the category, or adding a comment to the data classification.

2.The change to the data classification is submitted for approval.

3.The submitted approval is listed on the Open Approval Requests page, where it can be authorized at any time by an authorized person. (For information, see Authorize an Approval.) The authorized approval request is moved automatically to the Completed Approvals page.


These steps are described in the subsections of this section.


Note also that a discussion about an approval request can be initiated directly from the page of that approval request, with discussion participants being selected from among users of the compliance database. See the topic Discussions for details.


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