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Configure Data Information

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This section describes how to configure key data-related information that will be used for describing the data processing activities of the company (data controller):


Data Classifications are created to describe a specific property of the collected personal data. As such, a classification is a piece of metadata about the data. Each classification is defined with a set of allowed values. The classifications are used to compose data categories, which in turn indicate the kind of data that a processing activity uses.

Data Usage Classifications are created, each with its own set of allowed values, to describe how a processing activity uses its data categories. For each data category, one set of data usage classifications defines how the relevant processing activity uses that data category.

Data Processors are external entities that provide data-processing services.


The three items of data information listed above are configured via their respective pages. To access these pages, do the following:


1.On the Overview page, click Configure. The Configuration page appears.

2.In the Data Information section of the Configuration page (screenshot below), click the respective Manage button of the Data Classifications, Data Usage Classifications, or Data Processors item.




In this section, we will show to configure data information about our example company, Nanonull GmbH. We will configure the following:


Eight data classifications and the allowed values of each. We will define six of these classification to be mandatory in data categories and two to be able to have multiple values.

Six data usage classifications and the allowed values of each. All six classifications are mandatory (when defining the usage of a data category by a processing activity) and three allow multiple entries.

Two data processors named 123 Paychecks and Acme Invoice Management, which, respectively, create employee paychecks and customer invoices and export these to the accounting system of Nanonull GmbH.


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