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Discussions about a Single Metadata Item

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Discussions about a single metadata item are available for the following metadata items. The table lists the respective pages from which the discussions about that metadata item can be accessed.


Metadata item

Accessed from page defining that specific...

Company (Data controller)

Company information

Individual department

Department's information

Individual person

Person's information

Individual data classification

Data classification's information

Individual data usage classification

Data usage classification's information

Individual data processor

Data processor's information

Individual data category

Data category definition

Individual data storage entity

Data storage entity definition

Individual processing activity

Processing activity definition

Individual approval request

Approval request definition


On clicking the Discussions link on the definition page of a metadata item, the discussion threads are displayed in a frame that looks something like this:

Click to expand/collapse

The screenshot above shows two discussion threads of the data category Customer Address. Note that this is one specific data category. Both threads have been initiated by Mark Parsons; see screenshot. In both cases, the discussion participants (in addition to the initiator) are Jason Brown and Niki Devgood. Each thread currently has a single message (in both cases sent by Mark Parsons).


To close a frame, click the frame's Close button (located at top right; see screenshot above).


For information about what a discussion participant can do, see the section Available Functionality.


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