Altova GDPR Compliance Database

User Management

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The compliance database has been designed to be used in a distributed way across an organization. Multiple GDPR compliance monitors, who are based in different departments of an organization, individually maintain parts of the organization-wide system. Together, they contribute to a single unified system that provides an overview of the organization's use of personal data.


With this design goal in mind, the Altova GDPR Compliance Database is deployed to a server, from where it is accessed and updated by its distributed users. The setup is a simple procedure, and involves the following: (i) deploying the Compliance Database to a special server, Altova's MobileTogether Server; (ii) defining authorized users of the system and other system settings; (iii) sending users their credentials and access information.


This section describes the user-management setup procedure and is organized as follows:


Define System Users and Settings

Send Access Information to System Users


Demo video

To see a demo video that explains how the Altova GDPR Compliance Database works, go to this URL at the Altova website.


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