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Approval Requests

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A data category can be modified by (i) changing the value/s of one of its data classifications, or (ii) adding a comment (for example, querying the accuracy of a classification's selected value). After modifying a data category in one of these ways, modification can be submitted for approval. This is done as follows:


1.Navigate to the definition of the data category that you want to modify.

2.In the definition, locate the data classification that you want to modify and make the modification. For example, in the screenshot below, in the Salaries data category, the Risk data classification has been modified to a value of High and a comment has been added.


3.To request approval of the change, check the Request approval check box.

4.Click Save. The text near the check box changes to state (i) that the approval has been requested, and (ii) the date and time of the approval request.


If you now navigate to the Open Approval Requests page (from the Overview page), you will see that the approval request for this modification has been added to the list of open requests (see screenshot below).


An approval request in this list can now be authorized by a person who is authorized to do so.


Canceling an approval request

To cancel an approval request, go to the definition of the relevant data category and data classification. Then uncheck the Approval check box, and click Save.


Relationships with other metadata

An approval request has the following relationships with other metadata:


It is created for...

Which sets up...

A modification of a data category

The listing of the modification under Open Approval Requests.



It provides...

Which sets up...

The possibility of starting a discussion

A discussion thread about the approval request.



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