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QuickStart (Part 1)

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This QuickStart tutorial guides you through the basic steps of creating a MobileTogether design for a MobileTogether solution. The solution displays the splash screen of an Altova product which the end user selects in a combo box. The tutorial shows you how to set up a page, its page sources, how to add controls, and make the display of the splash screen conditional upon end-user input. It also explains validation, how to deploy the design file to MobileTogether Server, and how to run simulations. After you have finished with this QuickStart tutorial, you should have a good understanding of the broad working principles of MobileTogether designs. You will then be ready to tackle more complex designs.


This tutorial is organized into the following sections, each of which deals with one key aspect of creating a MobileTogether design.


Create a New Design

Set Up a Page

Add a Page Source (or Data Source)

Format the Design

Add a Control: Combo Box

Add a Control: Image

Define Control Actions

Validate the Project

Run a Simulation

Deploy to Server


The tutorial files

The files for this tutorial are located in your (My) Documents MobileTogether folder: MobileTogetherDesignerExamples\Tutorials\QuickStart. You can save the splash screen image files that are used in the tutorial to any other location and use them from there if you like.


The file you will end with should be similar to: QuickStart01.mtd

The image files used in the tutorial are the *.bmp files in the QuickStart tutorial folder


Video demo of how to build your first app

The Altova website provides a video demo that describes the user interface and explains the first steps to take when creating a design.


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