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There are two ways in which you can create a subproject :


The simpler way is to extract a subproject from an existing project with the Refactor | Extract New Subproject menu command. In this case all you need to do is to specify (i) the components you wish to extract from the current project to the subproject, and (ii) the location and name of the extracted subproject file. The selected components will be extracted into a new .mtd file and saved to the location you specified. This extracted subproject will automatically be referenced as a subproject of the current project and be displayed as a subproject in the project's Files Pane. The extracted components will no longer exist in the current project, but will be referenced from the newly created subproject.


Alternatively, you can create a new MobileTogether Designer project. To set it up as a subproject, do the following: (i) Add the components that you want to use in main projects; (ii) In the Modules Pane, configure the top pages to be not exported (since subprojects must not have any visible top pages). After you have created, configured, and saved your subproject, you will need to explicitly include it in the main projects in which you want to use it.


How to set which components of a project to export

When you extract a subproject from a project, by default, all the components will be exported to the subproject. However, you might not want to export (or not export) a subset of all the components. In this case, do the following:


1.Assign the components that you want to export (or not export) to a module as described in the sections Creating modules: module names and item names and Reassign modules to other modules.

2.Set the Export property of the module to Exported or Not Exported as appropriate.

3.Extract the subproject with the Refactor | Extract New Subproject menu command.


Note:The Export property can be set also on the Unassigned Items module.


Note:Since top pages must not be present in a subproject, you can set the module/s containing the top page/s to not be exported.


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