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Accessing Client Functionality

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MobileTogether solutions use or leverage the functionality of client devices to provide their unique benefits. Access to client functionality is provided by actions that you add to the design. The following client device features are the most important of those that may be accessed by a MobileTogether solution:


WiFi and LAN: A solution would typically use the device's connectivity features.

Camera: The device's camera can be used for actions as diverse as recording video to scanning a barcode.

Gallery: Images can be saved to or loaded from the device's photo gallery.

Microphone: The device's microphone can be used for audio recordings.

NFC: The device's NFC capability can be used by the NFC actions.

GPS: The device's location services can be used in Geolocation Services actions.

Contacts: The device's contacts can be accessed.

Calendar: The device's calendar can be accessed.

Telephony and SMS: The device's telephony and SMS functionality can be accessed.

Files: Files stored on the device can be accessed.


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