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Design Components

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This section describes a range of design objects that can be placed on a page, most of which are controls that can be placed on a page, as well as advanced features that can be defined for a page and/or the project.


Tables, which explains how to use the different types of table that can be used in a design

Images, which describes the powerful image handling capabilities of MobileTogether

Audio, Video, which provides an overview of  the audio-video features of MobileTogether

NFC, which describes how NFC messages can be sent and received, and set up to be processed further

Push Notifications, which describes how to set up the sending and receiving of push notifications in solutions

Charts, which explains how charts can be configured in the design

Control Templates, which describes how to create a template that can be used at multiple locations in the design

Style Sheets, which describes how global styles can be applied at the project, page, table, and control level

Rich Text, which describes how the Rich Text control and Rich Text style sheets are used to display and edit rich text in a solution.

Solutions for Authenticated Users, which describes how to set up authentication so users can be directed to a solution on another MobileTogether Server without having to log in a second time

Hyperlinking to Solutions, which describes mechanisms for starting a solution from (i) another solution, or (ii) a link in an email


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