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Presentation refers to the display of pages and their components on client devices. It includes (i) the layout of the page components relative to each other and (ii) the display properties of individual components. The page display model closely follows the CSS model, and presentation properties include those for setting margins, padding, background colors, text colors, and fonts of individual page components. You can therefore set presentation properties on the page as well as the controls of the page.


This section is organized int the following subsections:


Sizes: Pixels, DPI, DP, SP, which provides information about the size units used in MobileTogether

How to Set Styles, which lists the various places in the design in which styles can be set and how they interact with each other

Style Sheets, which describes the style sheet feature of MobileTogether

Style Variance Across Clients, which lists default display rules on platforms that are different from expected behavior and how you can compensate for these


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