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Insert/Append/Delete Row/Column

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The two Insert, two Append, and two Delete commands shown in the table below are available when a row or column of any kind of table (static, repeating, or tables with dynamic rows and/or dynamic columns) is selected.


ic_tbl_insert_row Insert Row
ic_tbl_insert_col Insert Column
ic_tbl_append_row Append Row
ic_tbl_append_col Append Column
ic_tbl_delete_row Delete Row
ic_tbl_delete_col Delete Column


The Insert and Append commands enable you to respectively insert/append rows/columns relative to the currently selected cell. Note that rows and columns added in this way are static. This means, for example, that if one static row is added in the design, then it will result in one static row in the output. Of course, if the row is added within a repeating structure, then the static row will also repeat along with each iteration of the structure.


The Delete Row and Delete Column commands delete the currently selected row/column respectively.


These commands are also available as context menu commands when a table cell is selected.


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