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There are four example projects in this section, each of which builds on the previous project. The first project shows how to create a control template and use it. The goal is a simple one: to let the user select a continent, then a country, and a city (see screenshot below). A selection at each level generates a list of radio buttons at the next level. We reuse control templates to generate these radio button lists. Subsequent projects add functionality and demonstrate different ways in which control templates can be used.


To open and experiment with any of the example projects, simply double-click its MTD file (see below for location).


Location of project files

All the example project files listed below are located in the (My) Documents folder: Altova\MobileTogetherDesigner8\MobileTogetherDesignerExamples\Tutorials\ControlTemplates.









In this section

This section consists of the following topics:


Reusing a Template

Switching Templates

Dynamically Changing Template Content

Dynamically Selecting a Template


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