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Server Services

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A service is a set of MobileTogether actions that is deployed to MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition as a solution (.mtd file). The service is executed on the server when a specified set of MobileTogether Server conditions is met. These conditions are defined in the administrator interface of MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition.


The broad procedure for creating and running a MobileTogether service is as follows:


1.Create a service in MobileTogether Designer. Each service is stored in a single .mtd file.

2.Deploy the service from MobileTogether Designer to MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition.

3.In the MobileTogether Server administrator interface, define the conditions that must be met in order to trigger the service.


Each of these steps is described in more detail in the sub-sections of this section. For information about setting up a service on MobileTogether Server, see the MobileTogether Server documentation.


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