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Pushing Data to Other Devices

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A MobileTogether solution can be used to transmit data from the device running the solution to another NFC-enabled device. The steps of the end-user procedure are the following:


1.On the sending device, start the solution.

2.Trigger the NFC Start action (for example, by tapping a button).

3.Place the back of the sending device against the back of the receiving NFC-enabled device.

4.Trigger the NFC Push action to start the transmission (for example, by tapping a button). Once an NFC Push action has been started, the NFC message or file can be sent multiple times (that is, to different devices). All that the end user needs to do is to place the receiving device within NFC range of the sending device. This continuous sending is stopped when NFC is stopped, or when an NFC Push is canceled (which is done by adding a new NFC Push action with the Cancel option selected; see screenshot below).


How it works

NFC data-transmission is defined in the NFC Push action (see screenshot), and can be done in the following ways.


A message of a specifically defined type can be sent via the NFC Push option (see screenshot below). Available for Android and Windows devices. See the description of the NFC Push action for more information about these message types.

A file can be beamed from one Android-Beam-enabled device to another Android-Beam-enabled device. Available for Android devices only.


See the NFC Push action for details of how to define the action's settings.


Note:        NFC data-transmission is not supported on iOS devices.        


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