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Simple Database

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This tutorial shows how to: (i) create a simple design based on a DB data source, and (ii) load and display DB records on the basis of a user selection. The data for the design is sourced from a database of cars that is stored in a Microsoft Access database. In the solution, the user can select a manufacturer. That manufacture's car models are then displayed in a table (see screenshot below).



The tutorial files

The files for this tutorial are located in your (My) Documents MobileTogether folder: MobileTogetherDesignerExamples\Tutorials\Databases.


The Access database that contains records of the models of cars made by some manufacturers: MyCars.mdb

The design file you will end with should be similar to SimpleDatabase.mtd


Tutorial structure

This tutorial is organized into the following sections:


The DB Data Source

Persistent Tree for User Input

Load DB Data Based on User Selection


Video demo of how to build a database-driven app

The Altova website provides a video demo that shows how to connect to a DB and query it, how to retrieve DB records, and how to present DB data in the form of tables.


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