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Pages and Page Events

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A MobileTogether project consists of one or more pages, which are defined in an ordered sequence. When the MobileTogether application is started on the client device, the workflow starts at the first page of the sequence and progresses through the sequence to the last page. Top-level pages of the workflow sequence can branch off to subpages and then return to the main workflow. A project containing multiple pages thus enables you to structure a complex workflow into parts that are more comprehensible to the user. The pages of a project are managed in the Pages Pane. For an overview of pages, see the subsection Pages of a Project.


The design components of a page—typically the controls that are added to the page—process data that comes from specified data sources. These data sources are defined in the Page Sources Pane as page sources. After the page sources have been defined, they can be used by the controls and actions of that page. For an overview of how these "page sources" are to be used, see the subsection Data Sources of a Page.


There are a wide range of page properties that define various aspects of the page, such as its name and background color. These properties are listed and described in the subsection Page Properties.


An important feature of pages is that actions can be set to execute when page-related events are triggered. For example, every time a page is loaded, its page sources can be updated. The various page events and their settings are described in the subsection Page Events.


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Pages, Tabbed Pages, and Sub Pages

Data Sources of a Page

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