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A Geolocation Map control can be used to display the map of a specific area: in street, satellite, or hybrid view (the view is defined in the Map Type property). Points of interest in the area covered by the map can be shown by markers. Any number of markers can be defined in the control's Markers property. The current location as well as zoom controls can optionally be included in the map (see their respective properties below). The size and magnification of the map that is initially displayed in the control can be defined via the Viewport, Control Width, and Control Height properties. The Geolocation Map control also has a OnGeoMapMarkerClicked event, which enables you to define actions to perform when a particular marker is clicked by the user.



Geolocation Map events

The OnGeoMapMarkerClicked event is available, which enables you to define actions to perform when a marker in the map is clicked. In order to retrieve information about the marker that has been clicked, use the \$MT_GeolocationMapMarker dynamic variable.


The dynamic variable \$MT_GeolocationMapMarker contains information about the marker that was last clicked by the client's user. This information that is contained in the variable is stored in an XPath-map construct, in a format that is shown by the following example:


map {


    "geolocation":(48.2143531, 16.3707266),


    "text":"Altova EU"



To fetch a value from the XPath-map construct, use an XPath expression like this: map:get\$MT_GeolocationMapMarker"id" ). This particular expression returns the value of the id key (that is, the id of the marker that was clicked).


For a description of the actions that can be defined for the OnGeoMapMarkerClicked event, see the Actions section.


Geolocation Map properties

The control's properties are available in the Styles & Properties Pane, and are listed below in the order in which they appear.



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