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Join/Split Cells

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The four Join commands and two Split commands (shown in the table below) enable you to, respectively, join the currently selected cell with an adjacent cell or split the currently selected cell. They are available for the cells of all tables (static, repeating, or tables with dynamic rows and/or dynamic columns).


ic_tbl_join_left Join Cell Left
ic_tbl_split_horiz Split Cell Horizontally
ic_tbl_join_right Join Cell Right
ic_tbl_split_vert Split Cell Vertically
ic_tbl_join_up Join Cell Above

ic_tbl_join_down Join Cell Below



Joining cells

You can join a cell with an adjacent cell, horizontally or vertically. Joining can be carried out multiple times as long as there are adjacent cells. Cell joining, in effect, creates cells that span horizontally across two or more columns or that span vertically across two or more rows. For additional information, see Row/Column joining and spanning.



Splitting cells

You can split a cell horizontally or vertically into two cells. If a cell is split horizontally, then any content or formatting that was present in the original cell will be retained in the left-hand cell of the new pair; the right-hand cell will be empty. If the cell is split vertically, then the upper cell of the new cell pair will retain the content and formatting of the original cell; the lower cell will be empty.


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