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Copy/Paste Clipboard

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You can copy text to the clipboard and subsequently paste the copied text to a target node. Each Copy/Paste action is either a copy action or a paste action: select the appropriate radio button (see screenshot below).


The text that is copied to the clipboard is specified via an XPath expression. It can be static text or dynamically generated text that is based on a page source node or other contextual information.


In the example of the action show in the screenshot above, the content of the @Price node is copied to the clipboard. In the subsequent Paste action, the content of the clipboard is pasted to a node of the \$PERSISTENT tree. This is a simple example, where the Paste action follows immediately after the Copy action in the sequence of actions of a single event. However, the two actions can be separated in time. For example, they can each be triggered by different events. All that would required is that the Paste action follow the Copy action and that no other content be placed on the clipboard in the time that elapses between the two actions.


MobileTogether extension functions

MobileTogether provides a range of XPath extension functions that have been specifically created for use in MobileTogether designs. Some functions can be particularly useful with specific actions. For example, mt-available-languages() returns the languages in which the solution is available and could, for example, be used with the Message Box action. If a function is especially relevant to this action, it is listed below. For a full list of extension functions and their descriptions, see the topic MobileTogether Extension Functions.


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