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Recording a Test Case

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This action creates a test case, which can be used as the base case for comparisons.



Record New Test Case: Starts a new test case in the Simulator and records user actions. When recording stops, you are prompted to give the recording a name and save it as a test case.


Stop Recording Test Case: Stops recording, and opens the Recorded Test Case Confirmation dialog, in which you specify the name of the recorded test case.


Record a test case as follows:


1.Make the design that you want to test the active design.

2.Click the toolbar icon Record New Test Case (see icon above).

3.In the Simulator window that appears, carry out the steps you want to include in the test. You can also take snapshots manually if this option has been enabled in the recording options (see below).

4.When you have completed the test case, click Close (at bottom right) or the toolbar icon Stop Recording Test Case (see icon above).

5.In the Recorded Test Case Confirmation dialog that appears, enter the name of the test case, and click Save.


For each design, you can record as many test cases as you like.


Recording options

Options for recording and playback are available at the bottom of the Manage Test Cases and Runs dialog. Since playbacks that show differences are automatically recorded and stored, the recording options you set here are used for playbacks as well.


Recording options

The following recording options are available:


Logging of design actions: Design actions are actions that are not explicitly triggered by the user. (An example would be the automatic saving of data to a page source.) If this option is checked (the default), then design actions are logged.

Automatically taking snapshots after each step: Check this option to enable automatic snapshots after each user action. Snapshots will be taken of the snapshot-items selected by you in the inclusion options (see next point).

What to include in snapshots: These options apply to the recording of test cases—not to the playback of test runs. Select what you want to include in snapshots. The options are: page sources, styles, and client views (the layout coordinates of design components on clients). If you select at least one of these snapshot options and de-select Make Snapshot Automatically, then the Record Snapshot button in the Simulator will be enabled during the recording of test cases, and you can take snapshots at any time that you want.


Playback options

The following playback options are available:


Test case speed: You can select at what speed to play back a test case. If you select Step-by-Step, then the Playback Next Step button in the Simulator will be enabled during playback, and you can run through the test at your own pace; click Playback Next Step to progress one step at a time.

Reset persistent data: Each test case has a Reset check box for resetting persistent data to original values. If checked, then, when a test case is played back, persistent data on the client is reset to their original values.


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