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You can insert tables into your design by dropping the Table control at the location where you want the table. For each Table control, one table is created. When you drop the control, the New Table dialog (screenshot below) appears. Here you can specify the table's type and whether the table should have a header and/or footer.

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Types of tables

A table's type is specified at the time when it is created. You can change the type of some tables subsequently.


There are four types of tables:


Static tables, which are useful for presenting data in neatly ordered rows and columns. In the New Table dialog, you can specify the number of rows and columns. You can modify the structure at any later time.

Repeating tables, in which every occurrence of the associated data-source element is created as a row, and where each row consists of the entire table as created in the design. Repeating tables can contain dynamic (repeating) columns (see fourth point of this list).

Tables with dynamic rows, in which, just as with repeating tables, every occurrence of the associated data-source element is created as a row. The difference from repeating tables is that each element occurrence is created as a row rather than as a table. Dynamic rows can be comprised of dynamic (repeating) columns.

Tables with dynamic columns, which can be of two kinds: (i) where the rows are static, and (ii) where the rows are dynamic. The dynamic row and dynamic column is each respectively associated with a different repeating element from the page source.


Table structure and properties

The internal structure of the table can be modified at any subsequent time. Properties for the entire table and for individual columns, rows, and cells are specified by selecting the respective table component and assigning it properties in the Styles & Properties Pane.


For more information, see the sections: Table Properties and Table Context Menu. Also see the description of the Table control.


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