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MT Debugger

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MT Debugger comprises two debuggers:


Actions Debugger, which is opened when an action that has been selected for debugging is encountered during a simulation.

XPath Debugger, which is built into the XPath/XQuery Window. You can access the XPath Debugger when editing XPath expressions in the design or when running simulations.


Usage overview

MT Debugger is started from within a simulation. The broad usage steps are listed below:


1.Before running the simulation, set up debugging breakpoints on actions and/or XPath expressions if you want to debug these during the simulation

2.Start the simulation.

3.Select the Debugger mode you want to use: Breakpoints or Actions. In Breakpoints Mode, the simulation stops at all breakpoints (actions and XPath expressions) and opens the respective debugger. In Actions Mode, the simulation stops at the set of actions defined on the next event that is triggered in the Simulator. If no mode is selected, then the simulation proceeds without any debugging.


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